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There Are 16 Heartbeats in My House – How Many Do You Have? [POLL]
I have too many living creatures in my home. I should have three or four breathing organisms but I have much more than that. My wife and I are at the stage in life when it should be her and I and maybe a dog and cat at the most but I am blessed and need a much larger supply of oxygen for all the bre…
K99 to Pay Tribute to Our Military With the Thursday Troop Salute
There is no one who deserves our thanks and gratitude more than the men and women who serve our country. K99 wants to honor those local men and women in uniform with a new feature called "The Thursday Troop Salute". I want you to tell me about your loved one who is serving our country and …
What is Your Favorite Cold Weather Comfort Food? [POLL]
It is going to be a cold one today. This is the kind of day to give the crock pot a workout. I love a cold snowy kind of day when you have a hot meal slowly simmering in that bad boy. This is a chili eating kind of day or a tasty stew or better yet...grilled cheese and tomato soup.
It’s Race Time! Will You Be Watching the Daytona 500? [POLL]
The wait is over. The flag drops on new racing season Sunday in Daytona. Are you ready? NASCAR does things right and starts the season off with the biggest race of the year. Even people who aren't race fans tune into the race just like non football fans will watch the Super Bowl.
My New Feature – Classic Cut Friday [VIDEO]
I am starting a new weekly feature here on the website called "Classic Cut Friday". I love the old country songs and thought this would be a good way to feature some of the great songs from country music's past. I grew up on country music and have been here at K99 since the late 80&ap…

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