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Smart Phones Have Made Me Miss Phone Booths
Everyone has a smart phone now. We have all gotten used to being tethered to our phones and always being able to communicate anything at any time. There are definite pluses and negatives to this. One of the biggest negatives to me is having to listen to other people's phone calls in public.
Kidney Stone Update – The Last Stone Unturned
Okay the picture above is not a kidney stone but it did fake out a few relatives. Well, it's time for another chapter in the ongoing saga of the Brian Gary kidney stone. This has turned into much more of an epic novel than the short story I was hoping for. I just spent what was supposed to be m…
Well That Did Not Go As Planned – My Kidney Stone Update
Yesterday was going to be a monumental day in my kidney stone battle. I was going in to have the stent removed that runs from my bladder and kidney. I had an ESWL procedure done and we had hoped it had crushed my mammoth kidney stone to dust and it would just flush out...nope, as usual, I have hit a…
Update on My Kidney Stone Procedure and Recovery
Well that part is finally done. I have been waiting for two months to have my 1/2 inch kidney stone blasted so I can finally get on with life. This has been a major nuisance and I am ready for the healing part to begin. I thank the UCHealth team for once again taking good care of me.

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