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Spend Father’s Day With Your Dad – Don’t Wait Another Year
Father's Day will be here Sunday and I am looking forward to this one. My parents are coming in from North Dakota to go meet their new great grandchild in Holyoke and then on to Greeley to spend Father's Day with me. It is so special to get to actually spend Father's Day with my dad.
Loneliness Can Kill You – Get Out and Shake Some Hands
I was just reading an article somewhere in a doctor's office or somewhere, that said that lonely people are more likely to die from heart disease. That makes total sense to me. I think a broken heart is a real condition and it can be cured by human contact and interaction.
Corn on the Cob Day – How Do You Eat Your Cob? [POLL]
Today is Corn on the Cob Day. I have a love hate relationship with corn on the cob. I feel it is the best tasting corn by far but it is a pain in the butt to eat. I feel the same way about crab legs. I would like to pay someone to break the legs and get me the meat.
Will the Colorado Eagles Bring Home the Cup Again? [POLL]
Tomorrow night it all comes to end one way or another. The Colorado Eagles will play the Florida Everblades in Game 7 of the Kelly Cup Finals at 5pm in Florida. The Eagles are in their final season in the ECHL before they move up to an even more competitive league. Will they finish as champs once ag…
Today is VCR Day – Do You Still Have One in Your Home? [POLL]
I remember when VCR's first came out. It was such a big deal to go to the video store and reserve a machine for the weekend and rent some movies. It seemed like something out of this world to be able to watch films in your living room. Remember when the movies were about $80 each?
Weekly Words of Wisdom From the Mind of Brian Gary
I started a new segment last week where I decided to share some of the random inspirational things that I post on my personal Facebook page. I get a lot of 'likes' on some of these and have been told by many that they have helped them get through a day. That is the greatest compliment I co…
In 1944 American Heroes Stormed the Beach at Normandy [VIDEO]
Today is D-Day. The day we remember our armed forces who bravely stormed the beach at Normandy in that epic battle of WWII in 1944. The scene is vividly depicted in the movie 'Saving Private Ryan' and still shakes me whenever I see it. I cannot imagine what these soldiers went through.

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