I have many friends who have served in the military and some of the stories I hear bring the best visuals when it comes to military punishment.

Let's see if you can add to this very creative list, and I'm sure many of you can, but can you top some of these? These stories are not from anyone I know...I can't share those stories...here.

  • A private could not do anything right. Never dressed right, always late, forgot to follow protocol on about every occasion. One day, his squad leader was so upset he brought him a potted tree and instructed the private that he had to keep that tree alive and he was to take it wherever he went while in uniform. The squad leader told him that when people asked him why he was carrying a tree around he was to reply, "To replace all the oxygen I have wasted."
  • A private was once made to "sweep all the sunshine off the sidewalk." It's said that one took him all day.
  • One day during an inspection, a Sergeant notice a recruit with a piece of 'fuzz' on his uniform. She was so upset she made him take the fluffy piece of fuzz and keep it in a pill bottle and anytime she found a recruit with fuzz on their uniform, she would holler "Mr Fluffy" and he would have to come running with his pill bottle so she could add to his collection.
  • Then there was a guy who thought he was the cat's meow because he had been an Eagle Scout and wanted everyone to know basic training would be a piece of cake. His DI took him into the woods, made him build a nest and then squat over it all day to keep his eggs warm.
  • My favorite though is a guy who was in a co-ed barrack. The third floor was half women and half men with the obvious rule that there would be no hanky panky. One day a male recruit had to step out of a female recruits room so he wouldn't be caught. What he didn't know was that below him was another Sargeant who was practicing hand grenade drills directly below. He sarcastically shouted, "Don't do it, you have lot's to live for."  So, they put him on suicide watch till he graduated boot camp and even made him sleep on a bare mattress at the base of the fire guard desk and for the first week, made his battle buddy sleep with him.
So what is your story...do tell us about your humiliating experience in which you were severely punished. Should be fun...go ahead and leave your story directly below in the comments section.