Many have asked if it's even possible to do my Honor Flight Northern Colorado Endurance Ride. One thing I do know; it's the most difficult thing I have attempted.

I was recently asked why I was doing this ride and my answer was simple and has never changed. It's a way I can give back to the Veterans who paved the way for the rights my family enjoy today. I'm not a rich man by any means but thanks to my job, I can reach a lot of people and together, we have done some amazing things.

William A Barnes, Sr. - Age 17, 1938

I am doing this 10,000 mile in 10 days endurance ride largely on behalf of my Dad who died in 1993 and never had a chance to take an Honor Flight. He graduated from Annapolis in 1946 and served during the tail end of World War II. I can vividly remember growing up as a young lad in Colorado Springs when Navy came in to play at Air Force, we would house a couple midshipmen for the weekend. I am doing this for him and everyone who served before and after him. I love you Dad...

That brings me to the endurance ride I am going to try and pull off starting June 4 by first riding the Border to Border Insanity Iron Butt run followed by the Coast to Coast Iron Butt run. Why would I do this I have been asked. How is it even possible they say. Can it even be done? Of course it's all in the head. If you are going to do a fundraiser, do something your good at and endurance riding is something I crave. It all comes down to being a 6 year old with your buddies and seeing if you can jump across a ditch. Many of us want to know what our limitations are and find that threshold.

William A Barnes. Sr.

June 4 through June 14 I am going to find out. I have no doubt I will reach that threshold and when I do, I will remember all the war books I read as a kid and I will remember the stories told to me by Colonel William R Suhre, Ret-Vietnam and Colonel Stan Cass, Ret-Vietnam. As irony would have it, as a 13-15 year old, I read every book I could on Vietnam and the two things I most admired and was fascinated by were tunnel rats and helicopter pilots. Here's some irony: I'm 51 years old and these two guys who call me a friend, were a tank commander/tunnel rat and a chopper pilot. What are the odds?

It cost $1,000 to send a Veteran to Washington see his or her memorial. My goal is to raise $1 per mile and raise $10,000 at a minimum. My personal goal is that we can all raise $50,000 and fill half a plane full of local Heroes to Washington D.C. this coming Fall but I can't do this without your help. Please sponsor a few miles or a few hundred miles when you are done reading this and together, we can do something really big.

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