Ronnie Dunn will be bringing out the big guns when he invades the Bud Center Thursday night as he brings the "Let the Cowboy Rock" tour into your backyard and I am guessing it will do just that: ROCK!  

I keep asking myself how an artist with a career like Ronnie Dunn comes up with a playlist but we can rest assured most of the following list will be heard this Thursday.

Let's take a peek at the first 5 #1 singles from Brooks & Dunn.

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    Brand New Man - June 1991 %22Brand New Man%22

    This was their debut single and their first #1 single. The song is about letting his lover know he is a 'brand new man' thanks to her. The music video for the song was directed by Michael Merriman. Both this and the video for "My Next Broken Heart," were shot in the same Texas town, featured the same actress, and filmed at the same time.

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    My Next Broken Heart - October 1991 %22Brand New Man%22

    The music video was directed by Michael Merriman and premiered in October 1991. It was filmed in the same Texas town as the video for "Brand New Man" was filmed.

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    Neon Moon - February 1992 %22Brand New Man%22

    Neon Moon was the duo's first single NOT to have an accompanying music video. The song is about a guy who is at a bar, feeling lonely because his woman has left, so he spends "most every night beneath the light of a neon moon."

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    Boot Scootin/ Boogie - May 1992 %22Brand New Man%22

    This was the "B" side to "Brand New Man" believe it or not! Before its release, the band Asleep at the Wheel recorded it on their 1990 album "Keepin' Me Up Nights." The song is a tribute to the Texas style honky tonk's line dancing and is said to have been the song that brought "line dancing" back into the spotlight.

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    She Used to be Mine - September 1993 %22Hard Workin Man%22

    "She Used To Be Mine" written by Ronnie Dunn was the third single released on their second album, "Hard Workin Man." The album also produced a 6th #1 with "That Ain't No Way To Go." This live video is from the CMA's in 1993.