Are you that annoying friend? We all have one. The one friend who, no matter what you tell them, has a way of turning it into being about them. When you try to share with them how sick you were last night, they proceed to tell you about the time they were so sick they thought they were going to die. The friend who when you talk about how rough work is going proceeds to tell you “that’s nothing, at my job I have to…”. If you’re sick, they have been sicker, if your happy, they have been happier, if you did well at something, they have done better and have the story to tell you. In fact while you are talking to them you can see the exact moment when they realize they have a great story to tell you and mentally check out on what you are saying and are just waiting for you to stop talking so they can jump in. Don’t be that friend. Keep it to yourself and just listen unless you are asked for you input.

When someone does nothing but talk about themselves and their accomplishments it gets tiring. I am currently reading the Tim Tebow autobiography and one of favorite things in the book is how he addresses this topic. In the Tebow family they made a pact that no one could talk about their personal achievements or accomplishments unless they were asked about them. What a great idea. If someone asked how the game went or how you did at your job today, then you could talk about how you performed. I find this so refreshing in a world where “self-glossing” is the norm.

I am going to take this to heart and I encourage you to as well. I am going to be a better listener and be less concerned about tooting my own horn. It sounds much better when someone else plays it anyway.