Over the weekend Brian and I marked the beginning of our 25th year on the air together at K99 as the Good Morning Guys.  We decided to pull a few photos from the archives and share our thoughts about what was going on at the time.  Brian and I have interviewed Phil Vassar a dozen times over the past 25 years.  He has been on our 28 Hours of Hope 8 or 9 times.  Phil even let us sing on stage with him on at least 3 occasions.

This picture is from the 2004 Greeley Stampede, only that year it was called the Rocky Mountain Stampede.  It was the one and only year it was called the Rocky Mountain Stampede.  Brian & I were honored to be named Grand Marshals of the event that year.

So, we were back stage with Phil before the show started and we were talking about music we listened to when we were kids. Some how the song "Mr. Roboto" from the rock group Styx came up. Brian and Phil and I were all singing the song together before we did the intro for the show.  Then Phil suggested we join him on-stage during his encore to sing his his #1 song "Just Another Day in Paradise".  I freaked. I don't know lyrics...and this was before the iPhone, so I couldn't look them up on the spot.

We did join Phil on Stage and sang the song with him. However, I was mouthing the words "Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon". Then Phil shoved the mic in my face and I froze up. Brian was just fine. He knows the lyrics to every song.  I did recover once the chorus started. Luckily the picture shows that.  Despite not knowing the words, it's still one of my favorite memories with K99 over the past quarter of a century.