There are some schools that just do it right. Lucile Erwin Middle School in Loveland  is one of those schools.  That is where we went for Teacher Tuesday this week, to honor Mr. West. Matt West is an 8th grade language arts teacher and Mr. West's presentation turned out to be one of our best Teacher Tuesdays ever!

When Brian & I arrived at the school we were whisked off to the counselor's office along with Erika, who nominated Mr. West for the Teacher Tuesday Award. Meanwhile, an announcement was made over the intercom that all 8th graders and their teachers needed to report to an area of the school to "meet with the principal". Many of the students and teachers wondered if someone might be in trouble. Instead, we popped our heads in the room and the students went crazy. They knew immediately that it was Teacher Tuesday.

My favorite part of the visit was when Mr. West was forced to choose between a gift certificate for Rodizio Grill or The Melting Pot. He wanted The Brazilian Steakhouse and said his wife would choose The Melting Pot. Then a student shouted from the back of the room, "Be a man! Choose what you want!" So, he did. What he didn't know was his wife was in the back of the room for the presentation...busted!

Teacher Tuesday is Sponsored by Allen Service, servicing Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor area’s plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs. Your teacher could win a $50 Gift Certificate to Rodizio Grill or the Melting Pot, a 5-pack of CD’s, and the official Teacher Tuesday Award Certificate from K99. 


  • 4/8/14 – Matt West – Lucile Erwin Middle School – Loveland
  • 4/1/14 – Mr. Gallagher – Fossil Creek High – Fort Collins
  • 3/25/14 – Mr. Barron – Mountain View High School – Loveland
  • 3/11/14 – Todd Genson – Wellington Middle School – Wellington
  • 3/4/14 – Brad Lardner – Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School – Fort Collins
  • 2/11/14 – Stephanie Forrest – Milliken Elementary – Milliken
  • 2/4/14 – Shari Robinson – Thompson Valley High School – Loveland
  • 1/28/14 – Rob Norwood – Northridge High School – Greeley
  • 1/21/14- Jera Robertson – Lincoln Elementary – Loveland
  • 1/14/14 – Nissa Cronin – Letford Elementary – Johnstown
  • 1/7/14 – Julie Estrada – Windsor High School – Windsor
  • 12/17/13 – Vanessa Austin – Milliken Middle School – Milliken
  • 12/10/13 – Mrs. Laura Radman – T.R. Paul Academy of Arts and Knowledge – Fort Collins
  • 12/3/13 – Ms Jessica Endres – B.F. Kitchen Elementary – Loveland
  • 11/19/13 – Karie Kraemer – Skyview Elementary – Windsor
  • 11/12/13 – Ms Lindsey Mireas – Dos Rios Elementary School – Greeley
  • 11/5/13 – Carrie Hartman – Range View Elementary – Severance
  • 10/29/13 – Ms. Heidi Johnson – Severance Middle School – Severance
  • 10/22/13 – Mr. James Garcia – Lucile Erwin Middle School – Loveland
  • 10/15/13 – Mrs. Kim Nigro – Rocky Mountain High School – Fort Collins