I wrote about this awhile back. My daughter and wife came home with a beard coloring kit saying I was looking old. I had said I wouldn't do it but I caved in over the weekend. My daughter sat me in the chair and painted away on my face. I was scared that I would look even more like a freak. When they got done, I looked in the mirror and thought Ronnie Dunn's beard had taken over my face. It looked so different to me.

Every where I went this weekend I felt people were starring at my beard. I felt like a woman with new breast implants. I didn't think anyone was making eye contact with me. They wouldn't say anything but I know they knew something was different. Susan thought I got a new coat. Todd noticed right away. I do feel a little younger, like a kid with tennis shoes, I think I can even jump higher. This getting old can be work. Here is what it used to look like.

Brian Gary, TSM