Well it’s that time of year of again, time to try to beat the crowd and get the best value and selection. I am not talking about the annual black Friday rush to get the best deals on Christmas shopping, I am talking about the often overlooked rigors of thanksgiving meal shopping. You know what I am talking about if you have ever tried to fight the crowd the week of thanksgiving in the turkey or stuffing section. I recommend you wear your helmet and shoulder pads when entering the freezer section. Many strong healthy people have been taken down in mad dash for the last tub of cool whip. You don’t want to be the guy trying to pass off shaving foam as cool whip on your pumpkin pie, although the lime scented stuff isn’t too bad. I wish you luck turkey shoppers. Stretch before you go in…take a buddy to help protect and block for you and have a game plan or you could end up having an Oscar Meyer turkey sandwich with a Dolly Madison fruit pie with shaving cream on it. Happy Thanksgiving