Brian Gary and I have been the Good Morning Guys together for the past 24 years, but I have never been more proud to be Brian's partner on the radio, than I was yesterday.  Brian was the keynote speaker at the Sunset Memorial Gardens Memorial Day Celebration on Sunday. I just went to get some pictures and video of the event, but I got much more than that.

The ceremony was very impressive.  The Union Colony Marines Detachment 1093 of the Marine Corp League did the flag raising ceremony.  The "National Anthem" was performed beautifully by the Greeley Harmonix.  I love "The Star Spangled Banner" performed by a choir a cappella. There was a very nice tribute to Unknown Soldiers by Auxiliary VFW Pioneer Post 2121 and American Legion Women's Auxiliary.  Then came Brian's speech.

Brian's speech was inspiring, funny, and even brought tears to my eyes and a giant lump to my throat.  My chest swelled with pride as Brian described his own personal Journey 4 Justice to Topeka, KS.  The pictures and the video tell the story much better than I can.  Thanks to my wife Jenny for taking most all of the good photographs.  I was  the shaky hand on the video camera.

I captured the Brian's speech on my iPhone, but it my phone overheated 10 minutes in, so there are two videos.

Here is the end of the speech. Sorry for the minute or so that is missing.