Summer time in Colorado is heaven for a motorcycle rider, unless of course your motorcycle has to stay parked. I am suffering from PMS big time. PMS for me is Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. I have had to have my motorcycle parked and covered for over a month now. It is pure hell.

These are the prime riding months in Colorado and due to my damn eyeball I have not climbed on my prized Harley-Davidson since mid June. That is like a kid going without their smartphone for a month. It has not been easy. I had my cornea removed last month and was hopeful it would heal quickly and get me back on my bike but it taking much longer than expected. It still has not grown all the way back yet and still has a hole right in the middle of it that will not grow shut. It is directly in my field of vision so everything I see out my right eye is like a car without windshield wipers during a torrential rainstorm. It is probably not a real smart thing to drive when you can't see anything from your right.

Brian Gary, TSM

I am scheduled for another surgery on Friday which we hope will close the final open space in my eyeball and allow me to start seeing things normally again and get me back on my bike. If you see me before than, please be patient with me and understand the painful PMS that I am suffering through. I love you Dorothy (the name of my Harley) and we will be together again soon.