Without a doubt the biggest cultural phenomenon in the last decade has been Facebook. You cannot escape it, it is now ingrained in to our social fabric. There are 650 million users on Facebook giving you all the useless information you need to get through the day like "I hate Wednesdays" or "My boss just doesn't get it". I am not sure when we decided that the world is interested in our every thought and deed but the world is much smaller these days and apparently we like to share everything about ourselves. According to BusinessInsider.com there are only 10 things more popular than Facebook.

  • Hinduism: There are about 950 million Hindus in the world.
  • Islam: There are 1.57 billion Muslims in the world.

: 1.166 billion people call themselves Catholic.

  • The Movies: We bought 970 million movie tickets last year, many of those to the movie about Facebook which made Mark Zuckerberg even more rich.
  • Chinese New Year: 700 million people traveled somewhere to celebrate the Chinese New Year this year seeing the ringing in of the year of the rabbit, next year may be the year of the Zuckerberg.
  • Microsoft: There are 2 billion PCs out there.
  • The World Cup: 700 million watched the World Cup final live. We could get that soccer announcer guy to notify you when you get a message on Facebook. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE!!!!
  • Chilean Miners: One billion watched the mining rescue.
  • Google: Almost a billion people visit Google each month.
  • Walmart: 200 million go to Walmart every week. Walmart can feel like you are trapped in Farmville and Mafia Wars all in one so it can feel like you are on Facebook when you are there. You may even get poked in line too for the full Facemart experience. "Facemart", I like that. I will get a picture of me in blue vest that greets you whenever you log on to Facemart. Have a great day posting and poking and letting us know EVERYTHING you are doing