Brand New With Barnes features new songs from well known artists and singers you've never heard of before. This, is your weekly recap in case you missed some.

  • Natalie Stovall and The Drive - Mason Jar

  • Lucy Hale - Lie A Little Better

    I first featured Lucy Hale back in May with her debut radio single called "You Sound Good To Me," which went to #21 on the country charts. A home-schooled native of Memphis, Hale continues to promote her latest album, "Road Between," with her latest release here called "Lie A Little Better." Lucy Hale was also one of five winners on the American Juniors reality show and probably best known for her role as Aria Montgomery on the ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars.

  • Jake Owen - What We Ain't Got

    Nothing new from Jake Owen as of late. His latest album, "Days Of Gold," released last year continues to be his mainstay as he works on a new album. The latest single from his last album is called "What We Ain't Got" and by the sounds of it, could be another Top 10 for Jake.

  • Tyler Farr - A Guy Walks Into A Bar

    Tyler Farr found success in his debut album, "Redneck Crazy" with a #2 hit in the title track and success at #11 with "Whiskey In My Water."  "A Guy Walks Into A Bar" will be on an upcoming album with an unknown release date.

  • Montgomery Gentry - Headlights