Featured Trip Destination: Blackhawk & Central City

Location: Blackhawk & Central City, CO (Map)
Cost Per Person: Around $100/night for hotel. (Gambling/spending money not included.)
Age Range: 21+ Trip Time: 1-2 Days

It may not be Las Vegas, but the if you are looking to win (or lose) a few bucks in a slot machine or at a blackjack table, there may not be a better setting in the world to do it. The Colorado cities of Black HawkCentral City, and Cripple Creek started permitting legal gambling in 1991. While Black Hawk is now famous for its exciting casinos and gambling saloons, the town is rich in gold mining history, too. Black Hawk is the largest gambling town you will find in Colorado and is home to 18 casinos, some operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many of the casinos have hotels you can book online.

Located only about 45-50 miles west of Denver, Blackhawk is perfect for a quick one or two night getaway for mom and dad, but probably best to leave the kids at home. Some casinos will allow your children in the dining areas and hotel areas, but as a general rule you won't be able to bring them on the gaming floor.

Where to Gamble



The Two Sides of Black Hawk

There are essentially two sides of Black Hawk. Both are walkable if you're in reasonably good shape. But if you'd rather ride, there is also the city bus system that will take you back and forth.

The old historic part of Black Hawk features many of the old buildings that have been converted into casinos. These casinos are modern on the inside though, so don't be fooled. There is a more old mining town feeling to this section of town. This is where you'll find BullwhackersBlack Hawk StationFitzgeraldsBull Durham,Wild Card CasinoGilpin Hotel, and the Canyon Casino.
The other side is the newer part of town. Here you'll find that the casinos won't remind you too much of the gold mining days that the towns are attempting to preserve. The casinos look much more modern here, with many containing luxury hotels. Times have certainly changed the face of this part of town!

Things to do Besides Gambling

If you'd like a slightly slower pace and just a bit more history, make the trek to Central City (less than a mile away) while you are in Black Hawk. There are shuttle buses between the two towns. While there are some large casinos in Central City, the majority of the town is still in historic buildings and it's a very enjoyable place walk around.

Black Hawk is enjoyable to walk through. There is always something new being built in town. Only a short distance from town and you are in the middle of the Rocky Mountains for hiking, sightseeing and much more. Highway 119 is known as the "Peak-to-Peak Highway" and runs all the way to Rocky Mountain National Park with breath taking views the whole drive.