Standing out in the freezing cold while waiting for stores to open on Black Friday has always been a ludicrous thought to me.  It has always made sense to me that prices are going to be higher on Black Friday vs. closer to Christmas or even a month before Black Friday.

It's true that you may find some great deals on Black Friday but for the most part you can find better deals before or after Black Friday. However, quantities are often limited, making the odds of getting those items slim to none and slim just left town.

Studies show that 'offerings' a business give the consumer is to just get them through their doors, even if they lose money on the sale, in the hopes of selling other products that aren't priced at such steep discounts.  Truth is, there are only a few items that will get pricier as we get closer to the holiday like watches and jewelry, but most will come down and down so they don't sit on shelves.

  • The average price of a Samsung 46-inch "Professional" LCD television was $1,159 in October last year. On Black Friday, the same TV's average price was $1,355
  • Sesame Street Elmo plush toy increased 31% to $17.78 on Black Friday from its average in September and October
  • The average price for a pair of women's "Classic Cardy" Uggs during September/October 2011 was $85, down from the $159.95 list price. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the average price jumped about 59% to $135 and $137, respectively.


Of all the studies I researched they all had one thing in common: Black Friday is a waste of precious sleep. You are much better off getting some of the things checked off your list months prior to Black Friday (even weeks prior) or wait till December and you WILL save money and sleep.