So you're gonna get married! What a great time in life. Now the work begins. All the planning, the decisions and potential headaches. Sit back and relax when it comes to the bachelorette party, I have a plan. The trouble with all the planning is that it often takes months to reap the rewards from all your hard work. Along the way there should be a half time whistle where you can just unwind and breathe. Since we can't change decades of tradition today and invent a half time, let's put the boogie in the bachelorette party.

There doesn't have to be a lot of stress in the bachelorette party, save that for the wedding.  Some of my idea's are non-traditional, but will prove to be a lot of fun.

#1 Paint Ball

What crazy bachelorette fun would this be... it's time to think outside the box when it comes to these traditional parties. Paint ball opens up so many possibilities, indoors or out this is a top notch activity. Release all your frustrations from a year of wedding planning. Make it even more interesting by printing T-shirts with pictures of all the thing's that caused you the most grief during the planning process from the cake decorator to your soon to be new mother-in-law.

#2 Roller Skating (Roller Land)

All too often when we plan traditional parties, we tend to think traditional. Not today, today, we think fun and exciting. Girls, more so than boys, love rollerskating. We have loved putting on our skates since we were old enough to walk. It's just fun and what better time then right before your life screams grown up? The best places for bachelorette parties are the unexpected places. So, put on your skates and skate till just before you get that blister on your big toe; then hit up your favorite pizza place.

#3 Laser Tag (Fort Fun)

Keeping with the non-traditional theme for my top five best places to have a bachelorette party, I pick laser tag. Again, its time to feel like a kid, its time to get out your frustrations. What better way to do that then with laser tag.  And if you hit Fort Fun you can also throw out all the rules and hop into a go cart. You'll be so relaxed on your wedding day that the two to three thing's that will go wrong won't bother you. Bring on the laser tag.

#4 Bowling (Chippers Lanes)

Bowling, yes, its a no brainer! Bowling is so fun and at Chippers they have great specials, a good sized menu and a bar. Throw in some Cosmic bowling and Karaoke and you have a bachelorette party that will make every ones top places list. Bowl for as little as 2 bucks a game, lower than that if you head out on Wednesdays with Beano's Big Lebowlski (99.9 the point). Forget about what your mother did for her bachelorette party, today is a new day, let's go bowling.

#5 Comedy

Whether you find it in the form of stand up or in a play, comedy in Fort Collins is a winner! The community is incredibly gifted and talented. A night of comedy is the perfect remedy for the exhausted wedding planners. Take a load off and grab the girls for a laid back dinner, maybe at a hands on place like the Melting Pot and get ready to laugh your socks off all night. And if your dinning and comedy experience leads you to old town Fort Collins, take a stroll around the square. In and around the square you can do a little number on the bar,  quietly enjoy a jello shot or throw some peanuts on the floor. It's time to grow up, spend your last few days or hours as a kid acting like one!

And that is my top five list for the best places in Fort Collins for a bachelorette party. Want to add to the list? Find me on Facebook; D Dennison and tell me about your favorite places in Fort Collins for a bachelorette party.