When I started thinking about compiling a list of the best cheap restaurants in Fort Collins, I got really excited. Me, a 'Foodie', getting together a list of my favorite restaurants in Fort Collins. A list of  cheap restaurants that will save you money. I have so many favorites in Fort Collins, my top ten list is really just the tip of the iceberg. My Top 10 list of the best cheap restaurants in Fort Collins is in no particular order. I tried to categorize them, to come up with a formula that would determine the best cheap restaurant order, but couldn't. My list is my favorite restaurants. The food is good at all of them and the prices are great as well. If you want Mexican today then my Italian choice isn't going to be number 1 for you, it may as well be at the bottom of the top 10.  So, you ready to get your 'food' on?

Cafe Athens-Greek

Here you'll find a great atmosphere, a friendly staff and superior food. My James and I went to Greece last fall and I can say that the food at Cafe Athens is very authentic. Enjoy the 'value meal' at Cafe Athens and walk away pleasantly full and with money left over. The deal is a gyro, traditional, chicken, falafel or vegetarian served with your choice of a side. Choose from a generous portion of fries, wedge potatoes, a side Greek salad, spinach rice, pasta orzo, pasta salad or mixed veggies. Also included is a fountain drink and tzaziki all for $8.99.


As they say on their website, (www.caninositalianrestaurant.com), a restaurant for Italians and anyone who enjoys eating like an Italian. This restaurant is nestled along College avenue between Laurel and Mulberry. A quaint old historic house with layers of charm. And on Monday's enjoy all you can eat spaghetti with meat sauce for only $3.50.  So stop by Caninos for a great cheap deal every Monday from 1 to 9pm.

Jim's Wings

What more can I say? It's Jim's Wings and they are tasty cheap. Take the family after sports practice or a game and unwind. Your money won't disappear at this best cheap restaurant.  An everyday special comes with 25 wing's, fries and a pitcher of soda or domestic beer (Coors light or Budweiser) for $19.25 or 'upgrade' to a micro brew for $4 bucks more.  Your wings are available in many heat varieties as well as Teriyaki and BBQ. They also come with ranch and/or blue cheese dressing with carrots and celery. Most Kid's thing's are under $4 bucks.

Cafe Columbine-Breakfast & Lunch

What a great find! We take the kids here almost every Wednesday morning before school. The staff are fantastic and the food is fresh and hot and cheap! This top 10 cheap restaurant is off of Shields and Drake.

Ruby Tuesdays

It's all about knowing how to order sometimes. This top 10 cheap restaurant is ideal for dinner. Get the Ruby mini's and fresh garden bar. In addition to two mini burgers and an incredible salad, you'll get endless french fries all for $8.99.

Las Salsitas Mexican Grill

This is a place that puts the fresh in fresh. Open since 2004, they'll  make your corn tortilla's right in front of your eye's. And if you like saving money this is a cheap restaurant for you. Three days a week they offer their tacos for .99 cents. Two days a week they offer their burritos half price, just $3.50 for homemade freshness.

East Moon-Asian

Talk about quantity and flavor, its all right here at East Moon. And if you just so happen to love sushi like we do, what a great deal. Everyday from 3pm till 6pm they have happy hour. Happy hour includes drink specials, but the real find here is the sushi. Many Nigiri style sushi pieces are included in the happy hour menu. My favorite is the super white tuna at $1 dollar each piece. (all select happy hour Nigiri style sushi is a dollar a piece)

Krazy Karl'sj Pizza

Feed the whole family and a couple of neighbors with Krazy Karl's. They're on west Elizabeth in Fort Collins and target the college kids, but hey, we can all appreciate cheap food. The flavor indicator is high in my book for Krazy Karls and the price meter is just right. Whether you're feeding two or ten, you'll find this pizza flavor town very reasonable. They offer a wide variety of pizza's, grinders, wing's, salads and more.

Taj Mahal-Indian

I don't know if you have ever tried Indian food, but my oh my, it is so good and at Taj Mahal on Oak street in old town Fort Collins it is incredible. The food is fresh and abundant. Every day they offer a lunch buffet from 11-2:30. This is a great chance to see all they have to offer, taste, enjoy and save as the buffet is priced very cheaply, under 10 dollars per person.

Nordy's BBQ

Who doesn't love a good BBQ? And thank's to Nordy's, we can all enjoy a hearty meal for cheap. Nordy's offers grub fit for a king living on a work hands budget. Not only is the price right with the family feast, you get a sampling of just about everything:

  • A full slab of Saint Louis style spare ribs
  • Aa whole chicken
  • Nordy's brisket or Carolina pork
  • smoked sausage
  • fries
  • pasta slaw
  • Aunt Judy's beans
  • And cornbread muffins

This meal feeds 4-5 people. That's a lot of grub for a lot of people for cheap money.

No matter how you slice it there are a lot of cheap restaurants in Fort Collins, way more than just 10. Remember, sometimes its not where you go, but how you order. Hope this helps you when you are trying to save money and still want to take the family out for a nice treat.