There are times in the life of a parent when you just feel overwhelmed by the accomplishments of your children. First words, first steps and using the right tool for the j.o.b.!

I recently purchased my dream bike from Thunder Mountain, a 2013 FLHX Street Glide, and the first thing I bought was a Screaming Eagle Race Tuner, Arlen Ness Stage 1 Air Breather and a set of Bassani slip on pipes.  I wanted to get my 1000 "break in" miles on first before I messed with the pipes and fuel system so they have been sitting in boxes...till last night.

Any idea how hard it is to leave $1500 in horsepower sitting in boxes for over a month?

My son Cade and I decided that it was time to get the beastly add on's put on so we can get it on the Dyno machine over at Thunder Mountain Harley and get her all dialed in.

First thing my son did was go straight for the tools and proceeded to grab everything we needed without me saying a word.  He sat down and started to loosen everything that needed to be loosened and nothing else.  I asked if he needed some help and he just looked up and said,

...I got this Dad.

I was suddenly giddy realizing that my son had actually been paying attention all the other times we have worked on bikes.  So I literally did nothing.  Not one thing.  Not even much advice except how to wiggle them off when they get stubborn; he did it all.  Removed old pipes, switched out clamps (in the right position), installed new pipes, realigned the brackets and tightened everything back in order.

Yup.  First steps, first words and first set of pipes are things a Father doesn't forget.

(Author's note:  No, he did not plan the Yellow and Black clothes. Just happened to be what he was wearing. No irony there.)