If you came out to the 5th Annual Good Morning Guys 2012 Habajeeba Good Time Variety Happy Hour Comedy Show, you already know it brought new meaning to the word hilarious. Whether you made it or not, we wanted to give you a look behind the scenes of the show and relive some of the best jokes and skits from the evening. Can't get enough of the Good Morning Guys? Make sure to check out the professionally produced DVD of this year's show which you can order online from Star Painter Productions. Thanks to all of the loyal K99 fans who came out to the show and helped Brian & Todd to celebrate their 25th year together with a night of laughs!

*Please note that some of the videos below do contain explicit language*

Best Jokes of the night

While the skits in this year's show brought about some of the funniest moments including Todd's Rhythmic Gymnastics Routine which you can watch below, stand-up comedy also played a big role. Here are a look at some the best jokes from this year's show that wed caught on camera.

Welcome to the Green Room!

The Good Morning guys preview this year's show before things get rolling on stage. Plus meet the characters in this year's skits & comedy routines, which you can view further down this page.

Shawn Patrick Welcomes The Audience

Shawn helps to welcome the audience to the show and gets the ball rolling as he pokes fun at Todd & Brian.

Todd's Rhythmic Gymnastics Routine

If you have ever seen Todd before, you have probably never had the thought "now he should be a gymnast!" That's pretty much what makes this performance so darn funny as he plays Gunther from the eastern block country of "Bulge Area." Trust us & give this one a quick watch.

The Beauty Pageant Skit

This year Brian got the bright idea to hold a beauty pageant with a couple members from the audience along with Susan Moore playing the role of "Ginger" and Shawn Patrick as "Mavis."

Fill In The Blank Game Show Skit

Brian hosts a game show with two members of the audience to see who can best fill in the blank. The whole cast plays along to give their best guesses to the questions as well.

Gangnam Dance

Brian, Todd and Shawn give the new internet craze of Gangnam Dancing a try on stage.

Brian Gary's Stand-up Comedy Routine

Brian Gary is quite the comedian and can make any situation a great time; anyone who's listened to K99 knows that! Brian closed out the show with his amazing sense of humor but we can't give it all away! Grab a copy of the whole show including a bit of Brian's genius from our friends at Star Painter Productions.

Thanks For Stopping By; We'll See You Next Year!