A week after the polls have closed, there are A LOT of people who are wanting the State of Colorado to secede from the nation! Sure, things may not have gone the way everyone wanted, but are we really ready to bail on the country?

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After the November 6th elections, Colorado saw President Obama win a second term in office and the passing of the marijuana initiative.  Was it one, or both, that have thousands of people signing the petition for Colorado to secede from the nation and go it alone?   Channel 7 is reporting that after most elections, there is a marked increase in petitions submitted to the White House from states seeking to secede.

The petitions, located on petitions.whitehouse.gov , typically follow the same phrasing, "We petition the Obama administration to peacefully grant the State of [Blank] to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government."

After this last election, the petition for Texas  (not too surprisingly) has the most signatures- with over 66,000 people saying- "Texas wants out!"

But Colorado ALSO has more than a few upset people wanting The Centennial State to start fresh as its own sovereignty--

Colorado's petition had 13,633 signatures as of 8 a.m. on Tuesday. It needs 25,000 by December 10 which currently designates an official response from the Obama administration.