Update: A body found by police has been identified as Gosden. The full story is available here.

George Gosden of Fort Collins has been missing for over a week now. The 64 year old man has dementia and is believed to have walked away from his home July 5, leaving his family and community to wonder what has happened to him.

Yesterday, 50 volunteers searched for Gosden, Airmen from the F.E. Warren Air Base conducted an aerial search last week, and a Facebook page has gone up, click here: Find George Gosden

Today's Coloradoan features a detailed story on Mr. Gosden's disappearance and included
some thoughts from professionals like  Angel Jones.  She held a frontal temporal lobe dementia group at ElderHaus, which George attended. She believes the veteran reverted to a military mindset, waiting for cavalry to come rescue him.

"Frontal temporal lobe dementia, it makes life very hard. You change from being the person you are," she said.

His family last saw him at his home in the 2800 block of Eastborough Drive in Fort Collins the evening of July 5.

If you see Mr.Gosden or have information which might help in the investigation, please contact Fort Collins Police Services immediately at 970-221-6540.