Terri Bennett is my new hero.  She did what I would hope anyone else would do as an American. But her simple request got her suspended from college.  This gives ridiculousness a whole new meaning and personally, someone should be fired over this! 

Today's absurdity comes from Tuscon Arizona and delivered by David Kutzler, Advanced Nursing Program Director at Pima Community College.

It seems as though student Terri Bennett has been suspended by Mr. David Kutzler/Pima Community College for filing a complaint about class discussions being held in Spanish.  Her simple request was that class discussions should be held in English.

David Kutzler Facebook Page

Here is where it gets absurd. David Kutzler not only called her a "bitch and a bigot" but also went on to tell her that she was "discriminating against Mexican-Americans" and then threatened to report her complaint as a violation of the school’s policies against discriminatory behavior and harassment.  School policies?  He hasn't even read the school's policies.  Here is how it breaks down: 

  • Suspending a student for such a request is deplorable, sick and completely unjust in the United States of America. We speak English here, not German, French or Italian.
  • Just a bit of homework will show Advanced Nursing Program Director David Kutzler of Pima Community College the Constitution of Arizona actually mandates that ALL classrooms be taught in English. This alone should warrant his firing and makes the suspension a moot point.
  • How is asking the school to adhere to it's own policies bigoted?  Again, we live in the United States of America and last I checked, we speak English here. Those who are here from another country should WANT to learn our language.

There isn't another country in the world that would care if I understood their language or not.  If I moved to Germany I would have to learn how to speak German or come back when I did.  Japan, Mexico, Italy, Romania...pick a country!  When in Rome...

I think David Kutzler should be fired now!  I sent a request to not only him but to Pima Community College as well for an interview with no response.

Don't feed the bears...it creates dependency! Why would anyone want to learn English when they don't have to?

This is deplorable on several levels and I for one have already sent Mr. Kutzler and Pima Community College a message and I hope you will as well.  You can access both their FB pages via the links below.