I am looking for the ultimate Broncomaniac!! We are just days away from the big game and I want to see if you are going Bronco crazy. We have some crazy fans around here and I want to see you. The whole world knows how we get Rocky Mountain crazy when it comes to our football team and we should be just nuts this week. We are in the Super Bowl and I know we are all anxious for kickoff.

You see some crazy people in those stands on Sunday but there are even crazier people sitting in their living rooms where no one can see them. I want to see you. I want you to send me pictures of you in your Bronco gear being the Broncomaniac that you are. I will feature the best ones in a piece on Friday. Email a photo you of you in your Bronco gear and let's cheer our boys on to a huge win on Sunday. Send me your photos to Brian@K99.com. Get crazy!