I know I have many habits that drive my wife nuts and if she worked at a radio station she would write blogs complaining about them but she doesn't and I do, so here I go. I love my wife dearly but she has one habit that makes me shake my head and grumble. She is a knob hanger.

A knob hanger is someone who finds a door knob or railing to be a better place to hang

Brian Gary, TSM

their clothes than a closet. You go from door to door and find things hanging there. I don't know how hard it is to open that door and hang the clothing on the other side but apparently it is tougher than it looks. We need to find a cure for this in my lifetime. I am ready to grease the knobs so nothing will stay on them. Do you have a cure for this ailment? Do you live with a knob hanger too? I need a support group.