All the snowfall we've received in the past 30 days does not mean an end to Colorado’s drought...BUT we've gone from a 'severe drought' to a 'moderate drought'. The Colorado Climate Center weather station on the CSU campus says last month was the fourth-snowiest April in Fort Collins’ history, with 29.4 inches of snow.  According to the Fort Collin Coloradoan, that’s 23.2 inches above normal for the month. Last time it was that snowy?...1945.  This has been the 16th snowiest winter season since record keeping began here in 1890. By April 30th, 66.3 inches of snow had fallen since the snowfall season began. That’s 11.2 inches above normal for the season.  We got another 9 inches of incredibly wet snow yesterday. In trying to shovel snow the consistency of a Slurpee, I ceded to Mother Nature and hunted for worms instead.