We have all had people come into our lives who mess it up. As hard as we try it is just inevitable that there will be conflict at some time and often it is with someone we once loved but have had something happen to tear you apart. You reach a point where you have to let go and separate. Sometimes it is an ugly split and leaves a scar. You need to teach yourself to let go.

I see so many people go through these situations in the public eye, like on Facebook. You will see people write something like "so glad that idiot is out of my life" or "hope you get eaten by bears or fire ants" or something along those lines. That is not letting go. The greatest revenge you can throw at someone who has wronged you is total apathy. When you reach the point where nothing they do matters,  you win. As long as you still letting them effect what you say or write, as long as you are still including them, they are still winning and influencing your life.  Work on getting yourself to the point where they don't matter. When you have eliminated them from your daily dialogue and thoughts you will win the battle. Nothing hurts more than when they don't matter. I have gone through this with several relationships in my life, most recently with the Colorado Rockies.