I know, most likely I am the minority on this topic, but I cant help it. I like it HOT! To me there is nothing better than a 100 degree day in nothing but a pair of your favorite swim trunks, toes in the sand, umbrella drink in hand, and a little bit of tropical music playing in the background. It seems like yesterday you were able to do that, and all of a sudden we are talking about 40 degree nights and snow maybe in a month or so... Where did summer go? If you miss it like I do, you just may enjoy this new song from the Zac Brown Band.

By the way, before I play this song I just want you to know that there has not been an album where I have loved every song in a long time, but the latest from the Zac Brown Band, "Uncaged," is one. This song just happens to be the one that made me feel all warm inside as I shivered in my hooded sweatshirt on the way to work this morning at 4am.