Every day I try to learn something new or find a way to improve something physically or emotionally about myself. There are many ways to try to learn. You can read things, listen to experts on the topic or you can turn to the ones who really have the answers...children.

It is no secret that I love children. I find them to be wiser, kinder and much more fun than adults. They have a way of making you happy when the world does all it can to make happiness seem unachievable. The pure, innocent love a child has for us and for life is such a gift. I get to see it everyday. I feel we can learn so much from children.

One of the biggest things we can learn from our children is how NOT to hold a grudge. Children have the amazing ability to let things roll off of them and not stick. You could have been a real jerk to them the day before but they choose to forget about it and love you anyway. You don’t see a child walking around all gloomy saying they just can’t forgive you for how you acted the day before. They let it go. Wouldn’t it be great if adults could do this? How often have you been mad at someone at work and can’t really remember what it was that ticked you off. You just know you are supposed to be upset about something you can’t forgive them for. Children don’t waste time on that kind of crap. They have more important things to do…like be happy.

If we could all just learn that letting go and not holding a grudge doesn’t mean that whatever that person did is okay or cool, it just means that you care enough about the other things in life to not let wasted, non-productive emotions stand in the way of your joy. No one other than my family or circle of friends should mean enough to me to effect my day. God bless the child and thank you young ones for another great lesson. We big people have so much to learn from you. Please be patient with us. You may be small but are much bigger than us.