Country singer Andy Gibson stopped by the studio yesterday. Andy is one of my favorite people to hang around with. He had a hit awhile back with "Wanna Make You Love Me" and wrote the Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson hit "Don't You Wanna Stay". Andy and I have a blast talking about music and just about anything else. I could visit with Andy for hours. He is a very interesting man. We went out for breakfast down the street at The Egg and I afterwards and all the ladies there were lining up to take their picture with him. He was very gracious and melted a couple of hearts when he spoke to them in Spanish. Whenever we get together we have a "heavy metal hair war", You will see the picture above. Check out the interview and listen to his version of "Don't You Wanna Stay".

Here is the interview with Andy

Here is Andy singing "Don't You Wanna Stay"