It used to be an event in my house. I made dinner a bit earlier so that we could all sit round the television. Last night, it was an after thought. We still gathered round the television and through out our comments as our president spoke, but for me I had to ask myself "what is the state of your American Pride"?

I love lady liberty, the man in the moon and every man, woman and "child" that serves to protect this country.

When my eldest daughter thought of joining the Navy, I could not have been more proud. Now my youngest is quite determined to serve in the Army and walk on the football field as a Husker. (he is ambitious) And I beam with happiness and pride for the 'little' people that I have had the honor of raising.

I am grateful for the people who raised me to love this country. The State of the Union last night was surreal for me. I couldn't believe that something that once was so important to me turned out to be an oh by the way. The flag always flew over my house as a child, I believe our kids should start each school day with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner always makes me cry.  So I thought, could I be the only one? Please take my p0ll and let know where you stand.