Yesterday I wrote a post about what great things American Military Family does and that they were getting ready to unleash a new program called S.O.S. 

This program came to be after board member Debbie Quackenbush had been talking to a Veteran about what his needs were and what help, if any, would be of benefit to him.

American Military Family

So the plan to launch the SOS (Showing Our Support) program was put into place.  The idea is to use social media, the AMF Website & monthly e-news letters to get the word out on a case by case basis. They are looking for those, like you, who can help with goods & services, car repairs etc.  Perhaps you are in a position to offer financial assistance?  Now you can visit their secure website and donate to this specific cause.

AMF has already secured support services for mental health assistance, taking the mind, body & spirit as a whole and continue to nurture this program for the Vets in need who can truly benefit from these kinds of services.

The whole idea is to support bringing these warriors together to connect with each other & help with their reintegration back to civilian life.

American Military Family realizes it is extremely difficult for many businesses to help in this economy so any help is welcomed.  One way everyone can help is by helping AMF spread the word and just help them market themselves and the great programs like the "S.O.S. Showing Our Support" program.

This is about all of us!