I am an American Idol fan and have been since season one but I think it may be time to put it to rest. This season is just awful. Keith Urban is doing a good job as a judge but he is it. I cannot understand what NIcki Minaj is thinking half the time. I can only take so many "dawgs" from Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey really has nothing to say.

What I am realizing is that there really isn't that much undiscovered talent out there. America's Got Talent, The Voice and all the other shows have not really produced stars. We have had a few from American Idol but for the most part none of the winners really amount to much when you write the history of music. The show is a good idea but they are not finding any talent. The crop of singers this year is just awful and there is no one that makes me want to tune in. I think we are seeing the end of a great show and I am sorry to see Keith Urban be on board as it sinks to the bottom. What do you think of this years singers? Here a some of the auditions from this season.