It was at the Veterans Day Parade in Loveland 2 years ago that I first met Genie Mjedle with American Military Family. Through her I met Michelle Benavidez and also Debbie Quackenbush. Talk about some amazing human being and what they do goes above and beyond caring for our Military families.

Steve Gorney, s.go Consulting

AMF provides emergency financial aid, therapeutic mental health relief, reintegration assistance  assistance and peer support to our troops and their families, while also providing emotional support, working collaboratively with other nonprofit organizations and volunteers who together strive to assist those serving and those who have served in their time of need.

They are also very instrumental in the the mental health of returning soldiers and helping make their transition back to family life a little easier for all concerned.  They send care packages and letters and they help keep that family unit together and nourished.

One thing you can do right away to help is sign up for the "Adopt-A-Soldier/Unit."  This is where you can write letters to deployed service members, collect care package supplies, donate money for shipping and/or attend one of their care package parties.

The one thing I am excited about now though is a new program they are getting ready to launch called "SOS - Call of Distress."  I will have more information on this great new program later this week and will let you know how you and I can help.  In the meantime, please pay their website a visit and see if there is something you can do to help.