I am a movie freak. Every Tuesday when the new movies are released I am on my way to the store to see what I need to see. I have found this is getting more and more difficult these days. So many people buy online or stream their movies now that you can't even find a store that stocks a selection. It happened to music stores and now movie stores. I miss record stores so much. I used to love just spending hours flipping through the albums and CD's, holding them in my hands and contemplate a purchase. I do the same thing with movies  but there is no place to do it anymore.

I hate the cyber-world and how it takes away from the actual hands on experience of a purchase. I think you have less of a connection to something if you can't hold it in your hands first.

I have strayed from my question. I am wondering if I am the only human left who is still buying DVD's? I don't even have a Blue ray player and still actually have a functional VHS player in my basement and wouldn't have a clue of the difference between a fishing net and Netflix. How do you watch your movies? Please take the poll below.