Well that one is going to leave a mark. That was one brutal loss for the Broncos last night against the Chiefs. I can still hear the thud of the ball boinking off the goal post and then the thud of me collapsing on the floor. This one is going to sting for a while. When we really needed to stop them, they just couldn't get it done.

The loss puts the Broncos two full games behind the Raiders and slip into 3rd place in the division with only 5 more to go. They Broncos will need to pull out some magic to even make the playoffs as we still have to play the Patriots, Raiders and Chiefs again not to mention the greatly improved Titans. This week they have Jacksonville which is the only game that we may even be favored in.

Can they do it? Can our beloved Broncos make their way into the playoffs this year? Put in your vote here.