It wasn't long ago when K99 brought in Aaron Lewis to The Boot Grill as part of our New From Nashville Series. The lead singer and founding member of the rock group Stained is proving that a true musician can reach the lives of many through song.

Aaron Lewis had actually released a seven song EP in 2010 called "Town Line" which hit #1 on U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums but not that anyone noticed. The only single released off the album was a song called 'Country Boy" that he recorded with George Jones and Charlie Daniels. (Video Below) The song goes into detail on how Lewis feels about today's issues but it only reached #50 on the charts.

Now, the rock star has released his first real country album called "The Road" and there are many from different genres who are more than interested to see how this all turns out.

The first single off the album which you heard here on K99 was "Endless Summer" but only reached #39 on the charts as a pre-release but now comes "Forever" which I believe will be the song that gives him the country street cred he deserves.  When you listen to this amazing ballad (and I am not a big fan of ballads) you will think he has been doing country all his life.

"Forever" proves that he has had country in his blood for a long time and after touring with Kid Rock, he knew it was time to try his hand at what had been inside him, well, forever.  Aaron Lewis is living proof that you really can be a little bit of country AND a little bit of rock and roll.

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