Hello K99 crowd! I'm Brianna and I will be interning at K99 for the summer and couldn't be more psyched! I'll be helping out the morning show with Todd and Brian and I'm sure their crazy, hilarious antics will keep me awake at 6 A.M. I'm looking forward to working on the website and Facebook page and hopefully one day being on-air!

I've had an obsession with all things music for as long as I can remember. I cannot stand to be in a car without the radio on, and according to my parents, my go to phrase since I could talk was "can you turn the radio on please?", something they say will be etched into my tombstone, which is fine by me. During my time at Colorado State University, I worked at KCSU, the student run radio station, and instantly fell in love with being on air, a love that followed me after my graduation in December of 2012.

I am so excited to be at K99 and broaden my knowledge of country music, a genre I have yet to master. My memories of country music go as far back as elementary school, sitting in my best friend's kitchen listening to her mother crank up Tim McGraw and stumble over the lyrics. After that, my mind associates country music with a sunny sky, a beer in hand, and a good group of friends, usually at The Sundance.

I'm a music junkie to the core; I was raised on Led Zeppelin and The Beatles and still consider that genre of music the absolute best there is. Since then, I've grown extremely fond of folky rock artists (Lumineers fans raise your hands!), and I love seeing the connections from today's country artists to folk artists of the past, like Bob Dylan. My love of music is accompanied by my love of pop culture, and the two often blend together.

Eventually in the future, I would like to combine my love of all things music with my love of celebrity scandal and gossip and create some form of hybrid career. But until then, I'm perfectly content with this not so perfect, at times hectic, incredibly blessed, beautiful life. Also, strange fact about me, I have an unnatural  obsession with ducks and Oreos (not together of course).