One of my favorite things to do is go for a drive up to Estes Park. There is no prettier town on the globe. I love the drive up there and I love the wonderful people and all the awesome shops. My wife and I always stop in the art shops there and check out all the wonderful pieces. We have purchased several paintings and prints there and just love them.

I cannot make a trip up there without stopping at one of my favorite pizza places, Bob & Tony's Pizza. We stopped in for a tasty pie for lunch and then went taffy hunting. I find it impossible to walk by a taffy store where they have the taffy pullers in the window without stopping. We picked up our usual box of taffy and then headed down the street to find my wife a caramel apple. On our way to get the caramel apple we discovered ANOTHER taffy store. We had to stop and buy some to compare. I was now sporting 2 boxes of taffy as we wandered into the caramel apple pushers territory. There we bought a huge caramel apple covered in chocolate

and marshmallows. Sinfully delicious.

I was now coasting on a sugar high so we popped into one of the many t-shirt shops and was looking for a shirt for my grandson. I was immediately suckered into the stuffed animal section and as usual, found one that Zander just had to have. Last time I went to Estes I got him a chipmunk named "Peanut", this time it was an eagle named "Aurora". Now with a belly full of pizza and taffy and caramel apple we headed back down the mountain. I thought my spending was done but nooooo. As you are heading back down from Estes towards Loveland, you will drive by the Colorado Cherry Company, actually I find it impossible to drive by, I have to stop. I always end up getting a cold cherry cider and some jelly or jam. Yesterday was no exception. I bought my chokecherry jelly and strawberry rhubarb jam.

Thank you Estes Park, for your beauty, your kindness, your cooler temps and your tasty treats. I will be back soon.