Saturday is the big showdown with the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos. I cannot wait for this game. The Broncos should roll but I do remember years ago when I thought the Broncos were the best team and football and were shocked at home by Jacksonville. I am confident that won't happen again.

Saturday is going to be cold and perfect weather for the Ray Lewis retirement party. He has had a great career but it will end on Saturday. When it comes to competition I have always been one who hates the enemy. Here are my 5 reasons I hate the Baltimore Ravens.

1. Joe Flacco looks like every Hitler youth from every war movie I have ever seen. Can't like the guy.

2. Ray Lewis and his cootie stomping dance. Here is video evidence.

3. They won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer who may be the worst QB to ever be a champion.

4.They used to be Cleveland Browns. They changed their name and moved to a different city but the stink of Lake Erie is still there. A turd by any other name is still a turd.

5. The logo on the helmet looks like one of the Angry Birds. I can't cheer for a video game character. I hope the Broncos act like the Bad Piggies and destroy the Angry Birds.

Aside from that, they were named after a poem. They should have been the Baltimore Little Bo Peeps. GO BRONCOS!!

Check out the original football dance from Billy "White Shoes" Johnson below.