I keep reading about Romney and his tax bill today, why is this such a water cooler topic? The man is worth some 250 million, ergo a 3 million tax bill. I bet one plus two equals three as well.

Okay, so I am being a bit sarcastic, but really. Is it because of his bid for the Presidency? By the way, Mitt Romney is a Presidential candidate.  Whoops, there I go again. In an article I read the author breaks down Mr. Romney' earnings and tax rate plus more. I do understand its importance and mostly I am being facetious and attempting to be funny.

Keeping with the lighter side of 3 million in taxes, let's see what we could buy with such an amount of money.

Single family home prices as a whole are down  nearly 3 percent so you could buy in full a new home. And walk away with some change for a month long vacation in Italy.

2. With million you could buy a diamond the size of your head

3. A C- explorers submersible submarine, one for you, your wife and junior at just a million a piece.

4. A few rock crystal bath tubs made from a single piece of rock crystal found in the Amazonian Rainforest

5. and check it... a million dollar sparkling lure made of gold, platinum, diamond and rubies. Don't think your fishing for Carp with this baby.

Three million can be fun and impractical. Who needs or could even want a million dollar lure or a platinum purse? And what would you really do with a diamond the size of your head or a gold plated car? Have more fun looking at ridiculous million dollar plus 'toys', just click here.

Of course remember too that we have only been playing with Mitt Romney' tax bill money... we could really have a hay-day with his actual worth. Dream on and live big! :)