And here comes Morgan Frazier. Wow!  What a voice and you can hear Morgan for free Thursday the 21st as New From Nashville continues with another epic performance by a rising star.


Just follow the Yellow Brick Road and it will lead you to Breckenridge Texas, the home of Morgan Frazier. Although she now calls Nashville home, it wasn't by luck or chance.

Her family is the first to admit there was never a "plan." They just packed up the family and headed out across the country playing shows and getting her name out there.  They ended up in Nashville selling CD's the first time when she was just 13 and actually landed a record deal.  Her parents thought she was too young and they turned down the deal which was for the better as the label went belly up.

The one thing that really sticks out about Morgan Frazier is that she writes all her own songs. Frazier wrote her first at 7 and now at 16, has a nice record deal with Sidewalk Records, has brought on Dean Dillon to co-write a song and has performed at the Grand Old Opry.

To sum up Morgan Frazier:

Effortless, pure, rich, sweet without being saccharin and even owning a little feminine swagger, Morgan is poised to be a voice on the radio that is easily and instantly identifiable. From the sweet waltz of “Part Of My Show,” to the edgy push of “Cowboys Ride,” to her the insanely infectious “Yellow Brick Road,” you’ll know it’s undoubtedly Morgan. And it’s undeniably good.


It's a show you don't want to miss and it's 100% free, Thursday the 21st at The Boot Grill in Loveland.  Show starts at 5:30 PM so get there early for a good seat and be prepared to be blown away.  Morgan Frazier will also hang out with me for a few minutes in the K99 studio during the 4 PM hour before the show.