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We need to hand it to the folks in Estes for having a great attitude considering they haven't been able to flush for the past 7 weeks.   Nearly 1,200 homes along Fish Creek in Estes Park are still under a no-flush order while crews replace sewage lines that were wiped out in the September floods.

Residents have been making do with temporary toilets and have even had a 'Decorate a Porta Potty Contest...please see their creative talents at their Facebook Page

Roughly 2,000 homes were part of the original no-flush order. About 1,200 are left. Officials hope they will restore sewage service to 75 percent of the homes in the Scott Avenue corridor next week.

The Upper Thompson Sanitation District has been working on the lines along Fish Creek since the floods. The original piping was washed out along a five mile stretch. Crew have had to rebuild roads in areas just to inspect the piping.

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