What would the world be like without YouTube? Can you even imagine what it was like before we all had a chance to be TV stars? Twelve years ago today the world changed. You Tube began on this date in 2005 when the website was first activated and it was a couple months later when co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded a video of himself visiting the San Diego Zoo. The viewing habits of the world have never been the same since. You Tube has made a ton of people famous and made it so ever single stupid, humorous, odd, successful or embarrassing thing we do can now be viewed by the world. You Tube has made it possible for everyone to have their shot at a few seconds of fame.

There are estimates that there are over 100 million videos uploaded to You Tube and it all started with these twenty. Here is how it all began. Check out the first 20 videos ever uploaded to You Tube as we celebrate it's inception.


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