Are you trick-or-treating this year?

The big day is just about here. I'm talking about Halloween. Actually, if you blink it will be here in no time.

So what's on the agenda this year?

Are you the type who suits up with the kiddos and trick-or-treats? Or do you host the biggest Halloween party on the block? Either way, there lots of treats to be enjoyed. It's the perfect excuse to indulge in all of your favorites.

Heck, you may be like me and you've already started the indulging train. I can't seem to stay away from all of the chocolate right now; peanut butter cups, dark chocolate squares, swigs of chocolate syrups right out of the bottle... OK, I'm not entirely proud of that last one, but I feel like I need to be honest here.

Give me all of the sugar!

With that being said, there are hundreds of sweet options for Halloween. Perhaps you have already started stocking up on the treats you will be handing out this year. After all, candy is expensive and shopping a little here and there before October 31st may lessen the blow a bit. Now, I bet I can guess what you're buying.

It's probably candy corn.

Yep. The gross little kernels of sugar that supposedly are supposed to be flavored with honey and butter. More like wax and broken dreams. These morsels aren't typically a favorite any time of year and yet it seems to be what were buying this year.

That's according to data collected from InstaCart by FoodBeast. They looked at what candies were being ordered through Instacart the most in each state. And for Colorado, Kansas and a few other states it's candy corn.

Maybe people are using these to make a cool Halloween craft rather than consume them. Or perhaps most Colorado residents are handing out "tricks" this year rather than "treats." Ok, hardee har har, you're so funny... we'll take the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups now.

Please and thank you.

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