I have been a Minnesota Viking fan all of my life. I was born in Minnesota and grew up going to the old Met Stadium, before the Metrodome, and watching Fran Tarkenton, Allan Page, Chuck Foreman and the boys in the glory years of the late 60's and 70's and seeing them reach four Super Bowls. Little did I know that it would not happen again in my lifetime. Never in my adult life have the Vikings made the Super Bowl. We have been so close but had heartbreaking defeats. I remember the playoff game in 1975 when Drew Pearson of the Dallas Cowboys pushed Nate Wright of the Vikings and robbed us of advancing in the playoffs and that started the Viking curse.

The curse has continued through the years with injuries and "how did that happen" loses. I will never forget 1998 against Atlanta in the NFC championship when kicker Gary Anderson, who had never missed a kick all season, missed what would have been a game winner. I remember a few years ago when the Vikings seemed poised to finally make the Super Bowl when we had Brett Favre and then he threw a "you have to be kidding me" interception and we lost it. Just a couple of years ago we were about to beat Seattle as time expired but Blair Walsh missed an extra point length field goal and we were once again victims of the curse.

Yesterday I settled in for the Viking Saint game hopeful of a victory but like all Viking fans, not banking on anything. The first half couldn't have been better. We were up 17-0 and dominating. It was a blast to watch. I was happy but knew we had plenty of time to not win this game. The second half started with a loooong drive by the Vikes but got no points out of it. I was getting nervous. The Saints then took the ball and drove down for a TD. The score was now 17-7. The Vikings then got the ball and immediately threw a "you have to be kidding me" interception and the Saints marched right down and scored to pull within 3 points at 17-14. I was feeling the dread sinking in. The Vikings would go down and get a field goal to go up 20-14 but I was still frightened, and with good reason. The Saints then scored a TD to go up 21-20 and the inevitable heartbreak was setting in. The Vikings would make their way down to kick a field goal and go up 23-21 but I knew there was way too much time left for Drew Brees. He has over a minute to go and just needed a field goal to win. He walked them down the field and with just over 20 seconds to go the Saints had gone ahead 24-23 and my season had once again come to heart crushing finish. The Vikings to the ball with about 23 seconds to go. They completed a pass and moved down field to the 39 yard line with 10 seconds left on the clock. I was staring at my lucky purple shoes and looking at my Harrison Smith jersey and thinking it was time to put them away for another sad offseason and then it happened. The miracle pass from Case Keenum to Stephon Diggs for a 61 yard game winning touchdown as time expired. I stood there in front of the TV with tears streaming down my face. My jaw was stuck open and I was in disbelief. My phone blew up with nearly 30 text messages from friends and family. These things always happen TO us not FOR us. This was the greatest game I have ever seen in my life as a Viking fan. I still can't believe what I saw. Bring on the Eagles. This could be the year.

Check out the miracle play and hilarious interview with Everson Griffen after the game. He sums up with all Viking fans were feeling. I love this guy. Go Vikings. SKOL! We are ready.

Brian Gary, TSM
Brian Gary, TSM

Check out the call on the radio with Paul Allen

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