And you thought football was over after the Super Bowl...

Move over NFL because there is a new football league in town. Well, technically it is the resurrection of an old football league, but you get my drift. The XFL is making its return in 2020. In fact, we'll see the first games on Saturday, February 8. This means that football lives on in America after the Super Bowl.

I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to see what this league is all about.

What started as a failed attempt to combine wrestling and football back in the day seems to have gotten its helmet on straight in 2020. The official XFL website says that this league is strictly for the love of football and claims it will be about the fans first. There are eight teams that will compete in a 10-week regular season with a two-week playoff schedule, including semi-final match-ups and a championship game to be played on April 26. The games will also be televised on networks like ABC, Fox and ESPN.

Here are the eight teams:

Dallas Renegades
DC Defenders
Houston Roughnecks
LA Wildcats
NY Guardians
St. Louis Battlehawks
Seattle Dragons
Tampa Bay Vipers

Who should we root for?

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