A disabled raccoon and four dogs are back with their owner following the recovery of a stolen pickup.

Laramie County Sheriff's Office spokesman Deputy Jeff Barnes says the pickup, which was stolen from a home in the 3500 block of Victoria Drive on Nov. 10, was found Wednesday at Cheyenne Storage at 616 Crook Avenue.

Barnes says the pickup owner's pet raccoon, Rocky, and four dogs were "getting along quite well with each other" in the backseat.

"The lady claims that she rescues raccoons and this raccoon was disabled," said Barnes. "Once she rehabilitates them she releases them back into the wild, but due to this masked bandit's disability, she probably was not going to release this one, she was going to keep it as a pet."

Barnes says "an acquaintance" stole the woman's pickup, but the person was not arrested.

"It was reported as stolen, but it could have been a non-authorized use," he said. "Sometimes we don't get all the accurate information from people because there may be other circumstances involved."

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