Today is National Hugging Day. I am a big time hugger. I love hugging. I was raised a hugger and will be one until I die. There is nothing like holding a loved one close or someone who just needs to be held. The gift of a hug can be very therapeutic. I have several friends who are not huggy at all and I respect that and refrain from giving them a man squeeze when I see them. I can tell you though, if you are in my circle of happiness you can count on a hug whenever I see you. If you are low on hugs today and need one, stop by the studio, I have plenty to give.

Hug those you love today. Let that feeling of human touch fill your soul. The picture in this piece is one of my favorite hugs ever. It was in Sterling as we waited on Charley to arrive from his !0,000 miles in 10 days motorcycle journey. I was so happy to see my buddy safe and sound. Reach out and share some hugs today.

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